7 Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Summer Storms

With summer fast approaching, taking steps to protect your home’s roof from the typical seasonal storms could go a long way in keeping your roof in good condition and looking its best. Courtesy of your leading local source for roof and siding services for Philadelphia, follow these tips to keep your roof going strong this summer.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Make sure your roof is free of any large debris such as stones or tree branches. Though they may seem harmless, a gust of high winds during a storm could easily cause them to scratch, tear, or puncture your roof.

Check for Leaks

An otherwise minor leak in your roof could become something more significant during a storm. Strong winds and pounding rain or hail could widen a previously existing gap, causing a trickle of water into your home to turn into a torrent instead.

Reinforce Your Roof

To get your roof ready for the storm of the season, calling in some reinforcements couldn’t hurt. Retrofitting your roof with appropriate bracing, brackets, straps, or clips can help your roof put up a better fight during inclement weather.

Do Some Preventative Maintenance

If your roof is already not in the best shape, it will be that much more susceptible to severe damage during a summer storm. Giving your roof some TLC before storm season could help your roof live to see another year.

Secure Loose Tiles and Shingles

If you have some loose tiles on your roof, try reinforcing them by fastening them with screws and wires instead of nails to help them stay put. If your roof is made from shingles, you can secure loose parts with some heavy-duty adhesive to keep them wind-resistant.

Buy an Impact Resistant Roof

If your roof is already on its last legs and you’re considering a replacement, looking at models made from impact-resistant materials may not be a bad idea. Such roofs can more easily withstand harsh weather and water runoff, requiring fewer repairs over time.

Hire the Experts

Ultimately, there will be limits on how much you’ll be able to inspect your roof yourself, as many forms of roof damage are internal and are not readily visible. Giving your local pros a call may be just the thing that saves your roof come summer!

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