There is a wide range of roofing materials available on the market, from asphalt shingles and metal roofs to ceramic and wooden styles. One roofing option you ought to consider are rubber shingles and roofs, as they can provide homeowners with several noteworthy advantages. Learn the three major benefits of rubber roof installation.

Rubber Works Well With Flat Roofs

Installing a rubber roof is an excellent idea for those who live in homes with flat roofs. Shingles, a more common roofing material, are stacked together to redirect the flow of rainwater downwards. However, shingles can’t control the flow of water as effectively on flat homes due to the absence of a slope. This can cause water to seep between the shingles and create leaks, which can be avoided by installing a rubber roof. Not only are rubber materials able to protect against pooling water, but residual moisture as well.

The Durability of Rubber Roofs Grants Them Increased Longevity

One significant advantage of rubber shingles and roofs is that they have a long lifespan thanks to their durability. Although the length of time can vary based on the kind of rubber that was used, it is possible for rubber roofs to last more than 30 years. One of the reasons why is because rubber roofs are less prone to water leakage, as they come in long or single sheets that contain little to no seams that water can sneak through. Even if a rubber roof does sustain damage, any cracks can easily be fixed by using a low-cost sealant or repair tape.

Another reason why rubber shingles and roofs have such great longevity is that they resist a variety of environmental damages. Rubber can withstand hail storms, strong winds, and some types are resistant against the UV rays of the sun. Additionally, they are fire resistant to fires, meaning that those living under a rubber roof will receive peace of mind knowing their roof is extremely durable.

Installing a Rubber Roof Can Save Money

The enhanced longevity of rubber roofing means homeowners won’t have to pay as much for routine repairs or replacements; this benefit is just one reason why installing a rubber roof is a cost-effective choice. Rubber material costs less than other types without sacrificing durability, and if you want to increase the appeal of your roof, you can install rubber shingles on top. It is possible to install rubber roofing over metal or shingle roofs to waterproof them further.

Installing a rubber roof also helps your wallet by decreasing your electricity bills, thanks to its energy efficiency. Rubber roofing is capable of both repelling heat from the sun and insulating your home, which reduces the energy costs of heating and cooling bills, respectively. This trait makes rubber roofs a great option in a variety of climates.

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