3 Ways Summer Weather Impacts Your Roof

Most of you probably give more thought to the condition of your roof during the winter months than in the height of summer. After all, it’s in months like January and February that our roofs get pounded with snow and ice which requires arduous shoveling.

However, for a variety of reasons, there are many roofing issues that tend to come up most often during the summer, which is why this month, Union Roofing, the premier team of roofing contractors for Camden, NJ, presents you with our list of some of the major problems afflicting residential and commercial roofs during the summer weather.

1) Sun and Heat Damage

The rays of the summer sun have the power to do a fair amount of roof damage. As the UV rays gradually pound your roof during the hot season, they can degrade the roof’s materials, causing wood to bleach and crumble, and asphalt shingles to buckle. If the latter occurs, this can expose the wood underneath to the sun’s rays as well.

In turn, the heat itself can cause your roof to expand and contract according to the season’s temperature. This can cause the tar paper underlying tile roofs to crack, exposing your home to ceiling leaks during rainstorms.

2) Summer Storms

Besides the more obvious dangers of summer storms to roofs such as lightning and accumulated water, the possibility of hailstorms poses a more particular risk to PA and NJ residents. Storms hurling hailstones the size of golf balls are not unheard of on the East Coast. While it may seem like there’s not much you can do to guard your roof against hail, it is always a good idea to perform a spot-check of your house after a major storm to prevent minor damage from becoming more severe.

3) Moss and Algae Growth

Unusually wet seasons frequently contribute to the spread of moss and algae on roofs and outer walls; especially in the summertime, when the combination of rain and hot weather can create the perfect storm for algae to grow. If left unchecked on your roof, algae and moss can loosen your roof shingles and lead to leaks over time.

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