4 Signs You May Need Emergency Roof Repair Services

For all homeowners who live in Philadelphia or South Jersey, you know how harsh the winter weather can become. High winds combined with downpours throughout fall and winter can flood roofs, and also bring a vast amount of leaves and other debris to the exterior of your home. 

As a leading provider of emergency roof repair in South Jersey, here are a few things to be aware of:

Clogged Gutters

In the winter winds, leaves get blown around, and although they’re easy to remove when they are dry, rain makes them clump together and can make it challenging to clear gutters and drainage areas. When gutters become blocked, water backs up and can damage your roof, eventually entering your home. This can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Check your gutters regularly, and call a member of our team if there is a blockage that you can’t loosen, or if you don’t feel comfortable working at tall heights.

Rooftop Debris

Broken limbs and branches from trees can damage roofs instantaneously during a storm. However, they still pose a threat to yourself, your family, and any pets until they have been safely removed from the roof. We recommend having any large debris removed as soon as possible to avoid breaking any windows or injuring people as they fall off the roof.

Damaged Shingles

Even the most excellent craftsmanship can come apart during high winds and extremely stormy weather. If you’ve recently experienced a violent storm, you should inspect your roof from the ground. If you notice any damaged or misplaced shingles, we recommend calling in a professional roofer to inspect the area and repair any damages accordingly. Broken or torn shingles could let water into your property and only worsen over time.

Debris Has Penetrated the Roof

One of the most severe problems facing any homeowner is when a storm causes debris to physically penetrate through the surface of a roof. This will immediately allow water and wind into the interior of a house. Additionally, it will enable any future stormy weather to impact the vulnerable parts of the roof that the debris has exposed. This damage must be remedied as soon as possible, and this is possible with our emergency roof repair services.

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