4 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

With the holiday season now in full swing, you are tasked with decorating your home, buying gifts and making food for the numerous get-togethers with family and friends. This jovial season can be quickly sabotaged by a Grinch in the form of a roofing problem.

Leaks, ice dams, rodents and weather are common culprits that can have you rethinking your holiday plans and budget. Luckily, you can turn to the leading roofing contractors in the Bucks County, PA region: Union Roofing.

We make it our priority to step in and provide quality roofing services. Here are four ways with the help of our services that you can help prepare your home for winter.


Your first course of action should be to hire one of our contractors to perform a comprehensive roof inspection. This is beneficial as we can check if there are any problems with your shingles — if they are loose or missing. We work on all types of roofs including shingle, asphalt, flat, slate, tile, rubber, metal, EPDM and TPO.


With fall almost over, trees are almost done ridding their branches of attention-grabbing yellow, red and orange leaves. Unfortunately, many of those leaves and branches make their way up onto your roof where they sit. If there are enough heavy branches, they can also cause damage when paired with the wind. This debris can hold moisture, causing mold to grow and rotting to occur.


The debris can get caught in your gutters as well. Your gutters are there to capture water and take it away from your roof. If you do not clear your gutters, they will become clogged and cause problems for your roofing system. This causes water to gather on your roof, increasing the chances of leaks and other roof problems.


Another roof-related item to check is that your attic’s insulation is sufficient. If it isn’t fully insulated and not trapping heat, your roof can have ice dams form.

You can learn more about preparing your home for winter and our top roofing contractors in Atlantic City, NJ and the surrounding areas by calling us at 215-464-6425 or further browsing our website.


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