Common Complaints Union Roofers Hear

Most roofers have experience dealing with a variety of roofing complaints, but some are more frequent than others. These common roofing complaints range from minor issues to major issues. Here’s an overview of some of the common complaints roofers get.

Flashing Problems

Flashing is a vital component of your roof. It’s designed to connect different parts of the roof and protect creases in features like chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes. Because of the importance of flashing, numerous common roof problems can emerge if it’s ever damaged. For instance, cracked flashing can make the roof fixtures it normally protects more susceptible to water damage when it rains.

One of the common complaints for roofers is that the flashing installed in a home was down incorrectly. This defective flashing can create open seams in the roof that can cause tiles and roof shingles to blow off, among other damaging issues such as reduced puncture resistance. If your roof ever needs flashing repair, call a professional roofing contractor for help. Not only do the surrounding roofing materials need to be removed to address the problem, but flashing is incredibly fragile, making it challenging to repair and install if it is ever damaged.

Roof Leaks and Water Damage

Because there are so many causes for roof leaks, it is one of the common complaints for roofers. Some of these causes include cracked shingles, granule-filled gutters, softwood decking, and other problems. Roof leaks can create many water damages for a home’s interior, such as water spots, which are expensive to repair. Leakages are commonly found around the chimney, gutters, and pipes and should be addressed as soon as possible to mitigate interior damage.

Water is the source of other roofing complaints, such as when it pools. This stagnant water will damage roofing materials over time and cause mildew and other roofing problems. Pooling water can also occur due to several factors, such as clogged gutters, and is especially damaging for homes with a flat roof.

Tree Branch Troubles

Fallen tree limbs are another one of the common complaints for roofers. Not only will the impact of a large branch falling onto the roof lead to homeowners calling for roofing repairs, but the prolonged contact of a tree branch can erode the outer layer of the roof over time if the branch is allowed to rest there. Additionally, trees can cause roof issues even if their branches haven’t fallen, as they can brush up against the roof and harm the protective top layer.

Shingle Roofing Complaints

Broken or missing roof shingles can create many problems for homeowners. Shingles are made to absorb pressure, and when they’re not present or in optimal condition, then they can effectively protect the home. This problem is expected to happen with older roofs, as the sealant holding shingles in place will wear off eventually. Still, absent or cracked shingles could signify other issues, such as problems with the ventilation system. While shingles can be easy to fix, contacting a roofing company will let you know if there are any other problems that need to be addressed.

Roofing Problems Caused by Inclement Weather

No season is safe from storm damage; whether it’s hail and snow or harsh winds and heavy rain, intense weather is the source of many of the common complaints for roofers. For example, frozen water can push off shingles and cause other damages as it expands. It can create further damage when melting water doesn’t flow fast enough and stagnates when it begins to melt.

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