Living along the east coast, you know that the winter weather can cause damage to your roof. Due to common snowstorms and high winds, you may want to make sure that your roof is still in good condition now that winter is over. The best way to make sure of this is by calling our experts at Union Roofing.


As the leading roofing contractors in Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, we will go on your roof and make sure there is no damage that could be hard to spot from the ground. Here are some of the most common types of roof damage due to the winter conditions:




Spotting a leak is one of the most common issues we see following winter. Ice dams and attic frost combined with the condensation from an exhaust vent can easily cause a leak. As soon as a leak is spotted, give our team a call. A leaky roof that is left alone can lead to costly repairs to fix it.


Heavy Snow


A heavy amount of snow can cause considerable damage to your home. Prolonged snow on your roof can lead to leaks, sagging tiles and cracking noises. Heavy snow can even lead cracks in walls and make doorways bend and alter.


Ice Dam


An ice dam can really wreak havoc on a roof. Being almost impossible to detect from the ground, an ice dam can cause damage before you even notice anything wrong. An ice dam forms following a snowstorm when the heat inside your home warms up the snow and melts. As it melts, the water runoff will then refreeze down closer to an overhang.


Anyone who hasn’t had their roof inspected by a licensed roofer yet this spring should wait no longer. Give our roofing experts in Wildwood, NJ a call today. We’ll keep your home dry this spring!