The Dangers of Mold and Algae on Your Roof

Finding mold in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other part of your home is never a good sign. Your roof is no different. Learn about the dangers of roof mold and algae, and how you can treat them yourself!

What Causes Mold and Algae to Grow on Roofs? 

The black streaks on your roof that look like mold are actually a species of blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. These algae are carried by airborne spores and are extremely prominent in areas with humid climates. When the spores settle on the roof, they feed on heat from sunlight, moisture from outdoor humidity, and nutrients from roof materials to grow and spread out. With enough growth, the blue-green algae will eventually take on a black color and cause the unsightly appearance that no homeowner is fond of. 

Why is it a Problem?

Besides making your roof look funky and dirty from discoloration, roof algae don’t have many short-term consequences. In fact, the majority of the damage is produced in the long-run. 

Since algae is a living organism that needs food to grow, its first (and possibly only) source of nutrients is the limestone in your roof’s shingles. With time, the algae will eat through the shingles, inviting moisture and debris inside. This affects the roof’s structural integrity and paves the way for even more problems, such as mold growth, water damage, etc. 

Plus, there are the added troubles of algae retaining large amounts of water and creating temperature inconsistencies in your home. 

Quick Guide to Treating Roof Algae

Gloeocapsa Magma doesn’t have to be a permanent addition to your roof. Cleaning roof algae is quite an easy process, but you’ll need to be patient to see real results. Follow the steps in the infographic below to learn more about treating your roof algae. 

Prevent Future Growth

Using a water and bleach solution to treat roof algae is fine once in a while, but it is not recommended too often. Bleach is known for its corrosive properties, which is why it’s important to dilute bleach with water. Although this makes for a gentle cleanser, it can still weaken the roof shingles with extensive exposure. 

The best way to avoid dealing with future algae growth is to prevent it in the first place. How? By scheduling regular roof cleanings with your favorite Bucks County roofing company. At Union Roofing, it is our responsibility to make sure families are safe and protected at all times with a sturdy roof over their heads. We go to great lengths to ensure each roof is in mint condition through expert installations, thorough inspections, meticulous cleaning, and effective repair services. 

Call us today if you need an emergency roof repair in and around the Philadelphia area. We’ll take care of everything else. 


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