How Often Should I Clean My Roof?

Because the roof is an integral part of a home’s exterior, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. However, how often should a roof be cleaned? While all roofs should be washed, there isn’t a single answer. Here are what factors can make your roof cleanings more or less frequent.

When Should You Normally Clean a Roof?

In general, it is common to have a roof cleaned once a year to keep it in good condition. But what season is best for roof cleaning? Cold temperatures aren’t advisable because the water can freeze. However, hot times of the year can cause the water to evaporate quicker and prevent the detergent chemicals from doing their job. To avoid both extremes, have your roof cleaned during mild and temperate seasons like the spring.

What Factors Can Influence How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Although cleanings once a year are advisable, a wide range of factors can determine how often you should clean your roof. One of the most important factors is the roof itself. Newer roofs don’t require nearly as much cleaning, whereas older roofs may need washing more often to remove debris that’s built up inside cracks. Different types of roofs can also require more cleaning, as some can build up debris more quickly than others.

The house’s location will also play an important role in how often you should clean your roof. Large amounts of pollen can build up if a home is near a field or garden, resulting in more common cleanings. Heavily forested areas also require more cleaning, as debris from the trees can pile up on rooftops. Any roofs near highways, construction sites, and similarly dusty areas should also be cleaned more frequently as well. Further, the climate and environment of your home can also impact its cleaning schedule, as damp and shady environments can cause moss to grow more easily.

Lastly, how often you should clean your roof can change if there was inclement weather in the area. For example, the turbulent winds of storms can blow branches and other forms of debris onto your roof.

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

If you don’t live in particularly dirty regions or areas that don’t create a lot of debris, you may be asking if roof cleaning is necessary. Regardless of your circumstances, roof cleaning is essential for a number of reasons. Your roof is one of the first things guests see, and it can reflect poorly on you if it’s not well kept. First impressions are also important for attracting homebuyers, which means that cleaning the roof will benefit your curb appeal.

Cleaning your roof helps more than just its appearance. Moss, algae, and other organisms can eat the natural materials on a roof and damage them. However, you can curb their growth by washing the roof regularly. Additionally, the debris that accumulates on your roof can affect the water flow, especially in the gutters. Preventing any water from pooling with routine cleaning will keep your roof clean and extend its life in the process.

While the debris from storms can be washed away, some damage cannot be fixed with an annual cleaning. If a recent storm or other event has damaged your roof, Union Roofing’s 24 hr emergency roofing repair can help. Our residential and commercial roofers are highly experienced and can offer various services for homes and businesses. Call us today to learn more.


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