Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

At last spring is upon us! We’re so excited to throw our winter coats in storage and enjoy the warm sunshine outdoors. With the spring season comes spring cleaning. Many homeowners are taking the time to get rid of old junk, service their appliances, and perform some much-needed repairs. Don’t forget that your roof requires the same maintenance as the rest of your house during this time. Here’s what you can do to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. 

Trim Surrounding Foliage

Grand, towering trees surrounding your property are a sight to behold and an excellent source of shade, but they’re not always beneficial. When tree branches extend far enough to touch your roof, they can cause mold growth, clogged gutters, scraped roofs, broken shingles, and a host of other damages. That’s why experts recommend trimming tree branches so they don’t make any contact with your roof. If you attempt to do your own pruning, be extremely careful as this is a dangerous feat for nonprofessionals. 

Clean Roof and Gutters

As always, cleaning your roof and gutters are some of the most important home maintenance tasks every homeowner must check off their to-do list. Letting debris sit on your roof can cause moisture buildup and undue stress, which can lead to mold growth and shingle damage. Excessive debris can also clog your gutters. You don’t want that happening right before the spring showers begin. If you’re not comfortable doing your own roof and gutter cleaning, call Union Roofing — the sought-out company for gutter repairs in Philadelphia

Check for Mold

During the winter, rain and snow are constantly abusing your roof, especially if you live in the Philadelphia area. If the moisture from these weather occurrences finds a place to hide in your roofing, such as a leak, it can easily cause mold to grow with time. Mold will deteriorate your roof if left untreated. We suggest checking your roof for mold periodically by looking for dark stains. Hopefully, you won’t find anything. But if you do, a mixture of one-part bleach to three-parts water should do the trick! 

Inspect for Damage

While you’re on the roof cleaning, make sure you take the time to inspect the surface for damages or potential trouble spots of any sort. This infographic illustrates what to be on the lookout for:

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Whether you’re not sure what to look for when performing your own maintenance or you spot something amiss with your roofing, the best thing to do is contact a residential roofing contractor for a professional inspection. We are trained in the art of roof maintenance and repairs, so we know exactly what to look for and how to fix it. 


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