How to Tell if You Should Repair a Roof or Leave it As-Is When Selling a Home

There’s no shortage of things one might do when preparing to sell a home — small repairs around the house, repaint, upgrade lighting, etc. While the inside of the house presents enough in the way of overhaul challenges, homeowners must consider one crucial element to their home’s curb appeal that may not be so simple to commit to — the roof.

Unless your roof is brand new, you may have some concerns regarding exposed damage and the sale of your property. “Will replacing shingles make my house more desirable? Would the faded color turn buyers away? Do I really need to repair my 15-year-old roof, or can I just sell as-is?”

The Dilemma at Hand

A rooftop in dire need of repair can be expensive to fix and is certainly not a coveted item on any homeowner’s list to spend the relocation expenses on. Since a significant repair could cost thousands of dollars, the rooftop pivots from being on the to-do list to serving as a negotiating point in the sale of the home. If sellers don’t fix a roof that needs it, it’s safe to assume buyers will expect to pay less; however, there are only certain types of renovations that earn every dollar back when the home indeed sells. 

If the roof has a huge hole, which results in a leak, the fix is necessary. If the roof only needs a small repair, you have to evaluate whether it’s worth the cost. Have a professional assess the extent of any problems and identify what could act as a red flag to potential buyers.

What’s the Damage?

Repair costs can vary by provider, so it’s imperative to consult a few different local roofing specialists to get a range of quotes. Being familiar with the average cost can let you know if you can afford to take action, but also what amount is reasonable to adjust the sales price if you decide to opt-out of the repairs.

Making Repairs

Well-maintained homes can potentially sell faster since the roof is one less concern for the buyer to take into account. If the life of the roof itself comes into question as you sell, pay for a roofing specialist to do maintenance and certify the roof for an additional three to five years. This will back you against doubts about how many years the roof has left.

Selling As-Is

Maybe you can’t afford the repairs, or you don’t want to take the extra time. But if you decide to sell as-is, it could very well impact the final sales price. If you sell in a competitive market, buyers may overlook minor maintenance issues to win the offer (without denting the sales price). Also, selling as-is and pricing your home lower could attract multiple buyers into a bidding war.

If your roof has exceeded its duration of use, our roofing experts recommend you replace it before you sell. Anything less straightforward will require consideration into the cost, level of repair, market conditions, comparable sales, and how quickly you want to sell. For more information about commercial roofing or emergency roof repair near Philadelphia, contact Union Roofing today!


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