Three Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Spring

Easy Maintenance After the Winter Months

Be Prepared:

Winters can bring harsh weather to our property and the surrounding areas. The cold, wet weather often takes its toll on the outside of our homes.

Many of our customers got a head start on preparing their roof for spring when they opted for new roof shingles in Philadelphia. However, there are several ways that all homeowners can save time and money by maintaining their roof and preparing it for the spring season.

Clean Your Guttering:

As beautiful as autumn can be, it’s the time of year when nature sheds its leaves all around the outside of our homes. These leaves continue to blow around our neighborhoods throughout winter. The last thing homeowners need is for the spring showers to wash these leaves into their guttering systems. This can lead to excess rain gathering on your roof and could cause irreversible damage. Clean out your gutters and check them for signs of cracks and debris in order to fully prepare for the spring.

Check Your Attic Space:

Another way to make sure that your roof is prepared for spring is to inspect your attic space for signs that water may have leaked into your home. Roof damage isn’t always easy to spot from the outside. Therefore, searching your attic space for signs of streaking, yellowing paint, wet insulation, damp, or tiny holes is a great way to keep on top of any potential damage to your roof.

Clean up any Overhanging Branches:

When spring arrives, it can sometimes bring along fairly strong winds in its wake. Springtime storms can wreak havoc with the trees and bushes in the vicinity of your home. During a storm, branches can damage your roof and property, or become an additional nuisance that clogs up your guttering. Take the time now to pop out and inspect the trees surrounding your estate. Removing dead branches that are loose or dangerous can dispel any problems before they arise.

Considering Siding Options for Your Property?

Union Roofing also offers bespoke siding services in Philadelphia. Siding often acts as a key element in the aesthetic appeal of a home. Siding can increase the value of a property while protecting against problems like water damage and insulating the property. Click here for a free quote on Roofing and Siding services today.


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