Tips for Better Protecting Your Roof During Hurricane Season

With the 2019 hurricane season still underway, our roofing contractors near Levittown, PA, thought it would be beneficial to offer some information on how to better protect a roof during this time of the year. In fact, the following information should help you to protect your roof from danger throughout the remainder of the hurricane season.

Why Roofs Need Protection from Hurricanes

While many people rush to hurricane-proof their windows, many of us forget to protect our roofs. This is especially crucial if you have an older home and a roof that is showing signs of wear and tear. If a hurricane can damage our roofs, our houses become vulnerable to water damage. This can compromise the structural integrity of our homes, leaving them at the mercy of the elements.

Inspect Your Roof Thoroughly

Although reinforcing your roof may be necessary, an inspection must first be carried out to spot any dangers and weaknesses. We recommend conducting one thorough check-up every year. If heights are not for you, call in a professional roofing team to identify any potential problems that your roof may be harboring.

Clean the Gutters and Drainage Systems

Hurricanes bring torrential downpours in their wake, so it’s essential to prepare our gutters beforehand. Drainage systems are crucial for diminishing storm damage. Clogged drains can lead to excess water pooling on roofs. Additionally, flooding caused by blocked gutters can lead to water damage on the upper floors and ruined internal structures.

Consider Roof Straps and Reinforcements

Roof straps offer increased structural integrity for buildings, and adding roof reinforcements can diminish wind damage before a hurricane hits. We recommend adding overlapping panels of sturdy materials to help keep your roof intact.

Undertake Internal Inspections

Internal inspections are equally as important as external ones. The best way to spot any weak points in your roof is to look around for signs of internal damage. Thoroughly inspect the attic and upper floors for mold, stains, spots, and peeling paint. Damp walls and ceilings are signs that water has entered your home. It’s also essential to check ventilation areas and brace them if necessary. If you identify any signs of water damage before a hurricane, the hurricane could devastate your roof as soon as it comes around.

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season ends on Saturday, November 30! For more information, or to order replacement roof shingles in Warminster, PA, contact us today. 


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