Unless you need emergency roof repairs in Philadelphia, PA, fall is normally the best time to go for total roof replacement, largely because the weather is more likely to cooperate. And although the fall months are widely considered to be best for roofing in Pennsylvania, there are some benefits to be reaped in every season.

Tis the Season for Roofing

The changing seasons have a huge impact on roof replacement, with heat, rain, snow, and humidity having the most pronounced effects. These conditions can affect how quickly the roof is erected. In the fall, comfortable temperatures provide an ideal environment for your roof installation team. The lower humidity and reduced chances for precipitation mean that the shingles on your roof get the necessary time to seal before Old Man Winter really gains a foothold. Schedule your fall roofing job early because of the fall rush (when many homeowners want to get roofing jobs finished before the first snowfall).

What About Spring?

Spring is also a great time to get roof replacement or roofing work done. Most roofers have an open schedule for spring, and the lower humidity is good for your installer and also for your roofing materials. Although spring is a rainy time in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of beautiful spring days perfect for roofing. And checking your roofing project off your to-do list lets you head into the summer months (and those summer storms) with confidence.

Roofing in Summer

Installing a roof in the summer offers the perks of consistently warm weather. On top of that, when it rains, it usually rains later in the day after the roofing crew has come and gone. The heat from the summer sun can benefit your asphalt shingles since it activates the tar strips on the back, helping them stick better to the surface. Schedule your roofing job for the early summer if possible, which is when the humidity is lower, and the temperatures are still tolerable.

Winter Roof Installation

Despite the ice, the cold, and the snow, roofers still offer their services in the winter. The biggest perk of waiting until winter for a new roof is that your roofer has less work, so availability is at an all-time high for the year.

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