What Steps Are Needed for a Flat Roof Repair?

After years of rainfall, some roofs will begin leaking under the strain of the storms: especially flat roofs. To fix a flat roof, there are five helpful steps to keep in mind to facilitate the process and prevent further damage. Before looking for 24-hour roof repair, prepare for repairing a flat roof by learning these vital steps.

Find the Damaged Areas

To fix a flat roof, you will first need to find the source of the leak and determine what areas require mending. As rain and snow do not slide off these types of roofs easily due to the absence of an incline, repairing a flat roof occurs more commonly than other variants. Finding a leaking area might be difficult, but they can be identified by the water stains that appear on the ceiling after too much rain is collected there. Depending on how much damage there is, the entire roof might need to be replaced, so deduce whether you need a few materials or an entirely new roof installation.

Contact a Contractor

After finding out where your flat roof is leaking, reach out to a contractor or business to help with repairing a flat roof. Research different companies if you don’t have a preferred one yet so you can find the best one for your budget. After selecting one, they can offer professional advice, such as what roofing and repair materials are needed to mend your ceiling. Inspect your roof beforehand to know what building materials your house is made of if you want the repaired portions to look consistent.

Removing The Damaged Roof

Once you’ve called a professional, they can schedule a time to come to your home or business and begin repairing the flat roof. The repair person might have to remove areas adjacent to the damaged ones to prevent future leaks, as some old wood might become susceptible to water damage later on. 

Consider Adding a Slope

It’s possible to fix a flat roof so that any future leaks are mitigated or prevented. By asking your contractor to add a slope in the middle of the flat roof, it will provide a place for water to flow away. Even a small-sized pitch in the middle of the roof can prolong its longevity, making it safer for you during powerful rainstorms. Call a professional to learn what slope dimensions work best for your roof.

Implement Flashing

When repairing a flat roof is complete, there are still ways to protect it from further damage. Tell your contractor to add flashing, which is a thin sheeting made of metals like stainless steel or aluminum. After it’s been layered onto the seams and corners, it will help prevent moisture from building up in those locations and save your new roof from additional damage. Flashing is also relatively inexpensive compared to the price of roofing, so going the extra mile can save money in the future.

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