Why is My Roof Leaking?

Water leaking from your ceiling is reason to worry because it could mean that your roof has sprung a leak. This is especially important if you find bulges since it is more than likely that water has started pooling above, and the entire ceiling could give way. So, why does your roof leak? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

Reasons for Leaking Roofs

A leaky roof doesn’t just happen. Usually, it is the result of some event and is evidenced by ceiling bulges, damp spots, water stains, peeling paint, roof bubbling, dripping water, and moist walls.

Poor Maintenance

Like any part of your home, roofs need to be maintained and checked from time to time so that issues can be rectified before shingles get damaged and break. This is especially true for old roofs that wear out faster due to their age.

Severe Weather

Severe weather conditions like heavy rain, hail, and winds can break your shingles or rip them off. Rainwater then enters through the hole in your roof and starts to penetrate through your ceiling wall and into your home.

Extreme Heat and Cold

Roofs subject to extreme hot and cold weather could have damaged shingles over time because of the expansion and contraction process. When shingles crack, it is easy for water to seep in and start to pool over your ceiling wall.

What Should You Do if You Notice a Bulge or Leak?

If you notice a bulge or leak in your ceiling, your first goal should be to minimize any damage until a professional can get to your home.

Start by surveying your roof to find the damaged or broken shingles. If possible, cover the area with weatherproof plastic or tarp so that no further rain can seep through the leaking area. Then try to find the source of the leak within your home and place a bucket below it to protect your floors from any more pooling water.

If you notice a bulge in the ceiling, make a small hole in the center with a screwdriver. This will relieve the pressure on the bulge and direct the water through one channel.

These are only temporary fixes until you can get professional help. If you need an experienced residential roofing contractor who can provide all kinds of roof repair services, including gutter repair in Philadelphia, call Union Roofing today!



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